Spring Cleaning & Letting Go

Two weeks ago I cleaned out my closet for some Spring cleaning and donated two trash bags full of clothes I haven't worn in 2 years or I felt like I didn't have a need for them anymore. Now, my closet space has increased and I've been loving the simpler life. I really hope as the year goes on and the seasons change that I keep up with this lifestyle of letting go of things (clothes) I don't need anymore. I know that I still have way more than I need. But it's a process that I'm willing to learn about and work through. 

Lately, I've been pinning minimal and neutral outfits for all four seasons. I've noticed while shopping that I've been looking passed all the frilly, colorful things and head straight for the greys, tans, whites, and blacks. I just really love the idea of having less so I want my clothes to represent that same idea. 

This past week I found a gift card to F21 just lying around (like, how could I have missed this?). Finding it was like Christmas all over again! Now that I've gotten rid of clothes, I've been thinking about what I really want to have in my closet. The Essentials you could say. Although F21 doesn't have the best quality in clothes, I think some of their newest products are actually worth investing in. For instance, the faux black leather slip on shoes are comfortable, feel durable, and is a cheaper alternative to the popular Steve Madden slip on. As a shopper of sales racks and clearance items, I feel it's really important to read the description about your clothes before you purchase them or feel if the materials are quality or not. 

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to give you all a tiny peek into my shopping bag from F21, and to give you a sense of how my closet looks like now that I've gotten rid of a few "colorful" things. 

What I bought:
1. Faux Black Leather Slip on shoes
2. Navy blue and cream striped baseball tee
3. BRB graphic tee
4. Cream turtle neck sweater
5. Cropped black knit sweater
6. Silver and gold geo necklace

I'm super happy about my recent purchases and can't wait to be a grandma in my turtle neck sweater. It's like an infinity scarf built in to your sweater. It's pure genius! Also, if you're wondering where our bed's comforter is from, we bought it at Marshalls! 

Thanks for stopping by! This is a different post and I'm glad you stuck around to read the whole thing.

Yours truly,

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